Swim protocol

Temporary new times

Due to the new measure (sports locations closed at 17:00 pm), we had to make an adjustment to our entire schedule.
This way all children, who were actually assigned after 5:00 pm, can happily continue swimming!

  • Not 45 minutes of lessons, but 40 minutes.
    This means that everyone has received a new class time + take into account that the class will be 40 minutes.

The new schedule is as follows:

Current time New time
08.15u 08.15u
09:00u 09:00u
09:45u 09:40u
10:30u 10:20u
11:15u 11:00u
12:00u 11:40u
12:45u 12:20u
13:30u 13:00u
14:15u 13:40u
15:00u 14:20u
15:45u 15:00u
16:30u 15:40u
17:15u 16:20u
18:00u 17:00u

Make sure you are on time. The children are allowed through the door five minutes before class.
We would like to ask parents not to linger, but to go outside after the children are through the door.

You can come back at the exact end time. This way we avoid crowds in the corridors.

Covid-19 protocol

You have received the final classification of your reserved class time by e-mail.
Below we have listed the most important things.
Please read these points carefully, if you still have questions, we can be reached by e-mail.


Reception / registration:
The main entrance cannot be used. Our entrance is at the back left of the parking garage. Here you can park your bicycle / car.

Bringing + mouth mask:
Before entering the building it is mandatory from READE that everyone wears a mouth mask inside. You can change your child 5 minutes before time and let your child go through the doors to the pool. Parents are requested to vacate the premises. We will take care of your child, reassure them and bring them to the right place.

Pick up:
Make sure you are back at the exact end time (not before) and they will come back through the door!
In this way there is more time and space to dry / get dressed.

If your child swims with armbands; request to bring your own / to do. If you come from the Oerbron, then wear straps anyway. Please also provide a towel when they go through the door. The rest of the clothing / items can remain in your place.

Progress of your child / contact:
We understand that it can feel a bit more distant these days and would like to do everything we can to speak to you. If you are curious about the progress of your child, please let us know at the door when you bring your child. The relevant teacher / or colleague will then briefly update you at the end of the lesson. Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch during class due to the COVID-19 rules.