From 1995 Zwemschool Pardoes organizes swimming lessons for children from ± 5 years.

We provide swimming lessons at a time and a location that are attractive for both children and parents.
Thanks to enthusiastic, professional teachers, we have a unique concept and a great team for more than 25 years.

We train for the A-B-C diploma.
This swimming diploma is not only for the Netherlands, but a swimming diploma that is swum in many countries of the world. The recognition that these diplomas have is a recognition of the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA). An organization that delivers diplomas in more than 20 countries around the world. The lessons for the A-diploma are given at the Overtoom 283 in Amsterdam in the pool of Reade, a center for Rehabilitation and Rheumatology. The warm water (32 degrees), the water depth (140 cm) and as many as possible the same swimming instructors provide an atmosphere of peace, safety and trust. By obtaining the Swimming Diploma A your child can progress to our Swimming Diploma B lessons. With this diploma your child shows to have a good physical condition and to master the skills to swim safely. This also applies to the swimming diploma C. For those lessons we go to the Spring basin of the Sloterparkbad. We also provide a nice and quiet environment, so that you can practice well.



Important dates

Here you will find an overview of the holidays and more.

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Extra class on Wednesday!

We've added an extra class on Wednesday for 'Badje 4' and B.
13:15h. Click the button for the complete overview.

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We are open!
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