About us

Swimming school Pardoes

In 1995 Zwemschool Pardoes was founded. There appeared to be a need for private swimming lessons at the weekend. We provide swimming lessons at a time and a location that are attractive for both children and parents. Thanks to enthusiastic, professional teachers, we have been able to speak for over 20 years of a unique concept and a close-knit team.

Team Zwemschool Pardoes

This is our team:

Vincent van der Woude (25.07.1974), joined Pardoes since 1998.
Patrick Kempe (22.04.1974), joined Pardoes since 1999.
Suzanne de Rijk (07.11.1980), joined Pardoes since 2006.
Robin Schooneman ( 05.08.1989), joined Pardoes since 2016.
Mees van der Wielen (28-10-1999), joined Pardoes since 2018. 
Gerco Schonewille (22.08.1955) started Pardoes 1995.