After completing the Diploma A & B diploma, you can also apply for the C-diploma.

These classes are given every Wednesday at 15:30 hours.

Where are the lessons?
All lessons for the Swimming Diploma C are in the Springbasin at the Sloterparkbad on the Pr. Allendelaan 3. The water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

This is also the pool where the exams for the Swimming A & B diploma are held.

When are the lessons?
The lessons for the Swimming Diploma C are on Wednesday afternoon. The lesson starts at 15:30 hours.
There are about 16 students per class.

There are always 2 teachers per class.

For the Swimming Diploma C we organize 5 exams each year. Therefor there is always a swim exam each 7 or 8 lessons.
The exams take place in the Springbasin of the Sloterparkbad, in Amsterdam.
The next exam dates are displayed on the homepage.

Participation is exclusively on personal invitation!