After getting the Swimming Diploma A your child can progress to our Swimming Diploma B lessons.

With this diploma, your child becomes stronger, safer en more confident in the water. 

This swimming diploma is not only for the Netherlands, but a swimming diploma that is swum in many countries of the world. The recognition that these diplomas have is a recognition of the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA). An organization that delivers diplomas in more than 20 countries around the world.

Where are the lessons?
All lessons for the Swimming Diploma B are in the Springbasin at the Sloterparkbad on the Pr. Allendelaan 3.

The water temperature is 28 degrees Celsius.

This is also the pool where the exams for the Swimming Diploma A are being held.

When are the lessons?
The lessons for Swimming Diploma B are on Wednesday afternoon.
Classes start at 14.00 or 14.45 or 16.15 hours.
There are about 16 students per class.

There are always 2 teachers per class.

For the Swimming Diploma B we organize 5 exams per year. Therefor there is a swim exam option each 7 or 8 lessons.
The next exam dates are displayed on the homepage.