Diploma A

We provide the lessons for the Swimming Diploma A in the swimming pool of the Rehabilitation Center READE at the Overtoom 283 in Amsterdam. There are spacious changing rooms and warm showers. You can use the lockers (storage cabinets) for free, to put your valuable belongings. The pool has a size of 6 x 15 meters, making it very clear and safe. The water temperature is 32 degrees Celsius, which feels very nice. The pool has a adjustable floor. Zwemschool Pardoes uses a deepwater method. For that reason, the children will start with floaties. The development of water feeling is an important condition to be able to move in the water and to successfully learn a swimming stroke. Using the deepwater method, this offers the opportunity to spend sufficient time developing self-confidence, water feeling and floating on the front and back. 

Small groups, classes during the weekend and the same swimming teachers

Diploma B

By receiving the Swimming Diploma A your child can continue to our Swimming Diploma B lessons. With this diploma your child shows to have a good physical condition and to master the skills to swim safely. This swimming diploma is not only for the Netherlands, but a swimming diploma that is swum in many countries of the world. The recognition that these diplomas have is a recognition of the International Federation of Swimming Teachers Association (IFSTA). An organization that delivers diplomas in more than 20 countries around the world.

Diploma C

After having obtained the Swimming Diploma B, your child can immediately transfer to our Swimming Diploma C lessons. We also offer these lessons in the Sloterparkbad, in Amsterdam. Every Wednesday, at 15.30.